Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Open Letter to Republicans in Congress

Dear Republicans,

The majority of Americans elected President Obama this past November. We voted for CHANGE and we want CHANGE!

Currently our President is working with congress to reform health care. Stop and ask yourselves why? The answer is because the American health care system is broken. It is no longer working for the people of our great country. Our health care system is being ran by the greed that is so present on Wall Street. It is time to reform it so that it works for the people.

President Obama is calling for a "Public Option". The majority of Americans support this. Unfortunately, you (the Republicans in Congress) and some Democrats are opposing it. Why? Because of the health care lobbies. Because of the "money".


YOU get PUBLIC Health Insurance. The people of this great country pay for your insurance. It's time that we have the choice of having the same health care coverage as you do.

Is it not hypocritical on your part to be against the very thing you take advantage of yourself. That is what is wrong with the Republican Party today - your actions don't match your rhetoric.

YOU whine that a public option would hurt private insurance companies... you mean it will hurt their profit. Does that mean they wouldn't be able to donate large sums to your campaigns?


So we're at a cross roads and I have a challenge for you...
If, I mean IF - you are truly opposed to a public option - be TRUE TO YOUR WORDS - give up your PUBLIC health insurance plan - you know the one that the American people pay for!
Give it up and oppose the public option.

If you do not, you will prove that you are nothing less than a hypocrite. And you'll prove that you are more interested in protecting the insurance companies than you are the people who elected you.

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